Basic knowledge of the use of liquefied petroleum gas

Basic knowledge of the use of liquefied petroleum gas

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  Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas


  We usually cannot do without liquefied gas when we cook. When using it, we must pay attention to some methods of use. Then, how can we use it correctly? Now the Tianlong LPG cylinder manufacturer is here to introduce you "liquefied petroleum gas usage tips".


  a. Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas-how to use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders correctly?


  Cylinders are containers for storing liquefied gas at home. When using cylinders, you should pay attention to:


  1. The distance between the cylinder and the stove should be 0.5-1 meters;


  2. Cylinders must be placed upright, lying down or upside down is never allowed;


  3. Cylinders must be kept away from heat sources, boiling water is not allowed to heat, not to mention open flame heating;


  4. Cylinders should be loaded and unloaded lightly during transportation. They are not allowed to be rolled on the ground, bumped and knocked randomly, to prevent the danger of damage;


  5. It is strictly forbidden to use liquefied gas in the basement;


  6. It is strictly forbidden to pour air privately, and use open flame to test leaks.


  7. It is strictly forbidden to dump the remaining liquid indiscriminately.


  b. Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas-what are the characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas?


  1. The relative density is large, 1.5-2 times heavier than air, and it is easy to flow to low-lying places.


  2. It is flammable and explosive, and it can explode even when encountering static sparks.


  3. High calorific value, 112.86 megajoules of heat can be obtained by burning 1 cubic meter.


  4. It has solubility and can dissolve ordinary rubber and petrochemical products. Therefore, users must use oil-resistant hoses or plastic hoses woven with cotton threads.


  5. Liquefied gas is generally not corrosive.


  6. It has anesthetic properties. When the concentration in the air is high, it can paralyze the human nerve center.


  7. Liquefied petroleum gas is non-toxic, but when it burns incompletely, it is easy to produce toxic carbon monoxide gas, which may cause personnel poisoning.


  8. The ratio of liquid to gas volume of liquefied petroleum gas is 1:300. Main ingredients: propane, propylene, butane, butene. Propane and propylene are easy to gasify, butane and butene are not easy to gasify at low temperatures and form residual liquid, but they can still be gasified, flammable and explosive, so the residual liquid cannot be poured casually to prevent fire.


  c. Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas-how to use stoves correctly?


  No matter what kind of stove, the main part is composed of pot holder, burner, nozzle, switch, vent pipe and stove surface.


  1. When igniting, be sure to "fire and wait for gas" instead of "gas for fire".


  2. Do not use steel cylinder angle valves to replace stove switches.


  3. The hose should be tightly connected with the inlet joint of the burning appliance, and it is best to tighten it with a pipe clamp.


  4. Adjust the air intake through the damper to achieve the best flame (blue flame).


  5. When the cooker is in use, it should be checked frequently, and people should not stay away to prevent boiling water from overflowing, extinguishing the flame, and causing air leakage and fire accidents.


  6. It is strictly forbidden to use two fire sources at the same time in the same room.


  7. It is best to prepare a dry powder fire extinguisher for the family, so as to be prepared for it.


  d. Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas-what are the requirements for using liquefied petroleum gas water heaters?


  1. Please purchase gas water heaters with qualified products recommended by the local competent authority.


  2. It is strictly forbidden to install the direct exhaust gas water heater in the bathroom. 3. The room where the water heater is installed must have strong ventilation capacity.


  4. It is strictly forbidden for units and individuals to dismantle and modify themselves and install gas instantaneous water heaters at will.


  5. The user must operate correctly in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and ask professionals to repair it in time if any fault is found.


  6. To prevent freezing in winter, drain the water in the water heater after use


  e. Tips for using liquefied petroleum gas-how to use and install the pressure reducing valve correctly?


  The work of gaseous liquefied petroleum gas from high pressure to low pressure is completed by the pressure reducing valve. In addition to pressure reduction, it also has the function of stabilizing the outlet gas pressure. When using it, pay attention to:


  1. The connection between the pressure reducing valve and the hose should be tightly connected. It is best to tie it up with iron wire or clamp it with a pipe clamp.


  2. Before installing the pressure reducing valve, check whether the sealing ring of the air inlet of the pressure reducing valve is deformed or not.


  3. The pressure reducer and the angle valve are connected by a back button. When installing the pressure reducer, use one hand to level the valve body, align the hand wheel with the angle valve outlet thread, and use the other hand to rotate the hand wheel counterclockwise until the pressure reducing valve does not swing from side to side.


  4. The pressure reducer must be removed when changing the bottle, and the angle valve of the cylinder must be closed tightly before unloading.


  5. After the pressure reducing valve is removed, it should be gently placed on the cooktop or other dry objects. Don't throw it on the ground. This will easily damage the pressure reducer and easily cause the air inlet sealing ring to fall off.


  6. When the pressure reducer fails, please ask professional technicians to repair it. Do not disassemble by yourself.


  The above introduction is "liquefied petroleum gas use tips", welcome the majority of African customers and friends to come to discuss the cooperation of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, Tianlong LPG cylinder manufacturers will provide you with the best service to ensure your satisfaction.


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